About Us

Executive Chef

Cele Wolman is a professional chef. She graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle Culinary School in 2001. Cele then spent 2 years at Andaluca as banquet and pantry chef under her mentor Chef Wayne Johnson. Culinary school internship was spent at the Barking Frog in Woodinville. She has been a personal chef catering special events at homes, as well as weekly meal plans for special diet needs clients. Her specialties are international cuisine, healthy cooking, and cost management.  CUISINE SPECIALTIES: Asian, American Regional, Indian, Continental.  HOBBIES: Shotokan Karate, Gardening, Cats.


Ethan_smallSous Chef

Ethan Hammer, a native to Nebraska, Ethan began developing a passion cooking at the age of 8. His childhood of growing up on a ranch has prepared him for the hours of hard work that a kitchen can require. He started his professional career as a chef in high school.  Ethan is a graduate of Lake Washington Institute of Technology in culinary arts. CUISINE SPECIALTIES: Asian, French, Regional American.  HOBBIES: Experimental Cheesecakes, Bread-Making, Food Photography.


Sous Chef

Beatriz (Betty) Cabrera, a native to Michoacan, Mexico, Betty grew up on her grandparents farm and developed a keen appreciation for her farm to table traditional cuisine, as taught to her by her grandmother.  She started his professional career as a chef in a local Mexican restaurant, then went to Lake Washington Institute of Technology for culinary arts to learn more about the basics of classical cooking and International cuisine.  CUISINE SPECIALTIES: Central Mexican.  HOBBIES: Photography, Canvas Art, Crafts, and Child Wrangling.


Sous Chef

AKA – Mom. Karin Friedman has been a gourmet chef for friends and family for 50 years. Growing up in Northern California, she experienced, participated and revelled in the food revolution that the rest of the country is still catching up with. Her specialties are soups, stews and braises, as well as baked goods and fruit desserts.  CUISINE SPECIALTIES: Greek, Mexican, Spanish, Southwestern, Californian