Q: How does having a personal chef work?

A: Place an order by 9am Thursday, and we deliver you order the following Sunday early evening to your home.  Empties are picked up when the next meals are delivered.

Q: How are the meals delivered, fresh or frozen?

A: Both.  Of the 5 meals each week, one is frozen, the other four are fresh.  I recommend eating the fresh ones first (I even suggest an order on your invoice), and eating the frozen one at your leisure.

Q: How big are the meals?

A: Dinners come in 2 sizes, Large and Small.  Large sized meals are portioned for a hungry adult man.  For families with 2 adults, 2 Large meals are usually enough for an additional toddler.  The Small is 75% the size of the Large.

Q: What kind of packaging is used?

A: I use sturdy plastic, re-usable containers.  They are machine washable, microwaveable, and freezable.  The empties and delivery bag are picked up with your next delivery.  I like the environment, and am trying to contribute as little garbage as possible.  So please return your containers and bags for re-use.

Q: What is the “No Brainer” plan?

A: A set of meals based on your personal preferences are delivered to you every week, without the need for you ordering.  You need only let me know if you DON’T want a delivery.

Q: Can allergies be dealt with?

A: Absolutely.  You let me know your preferences and allergies when you sign up, and I keep it on record and make sure you receive a specially prepared meal with them in mind.  All ingredients are listed for each meal.

Q: What about special diets?

A: I am always happy to make substitutions for special diet needs.  I am familiar with most diet plans, and can recommend alterations for most meals upon request.  Many low-carb, wheat-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options available.

Q: Where is the fish and chicken coming from?

A: All fish is wild, and all chicken is from Washington.

Q: What does delivery cost?

A: Delivery is $5 to the Eastside Kirkland/Redmond/Bellevue area, and $10 everywhere else.