Meals for Mar. 12th Delivery

Please try my new personal chef marketplace website – you can choose from all of Cele’s menu, as well as other wonderful chefs.  Purchase all together, receive in a single delivery!

Chinese Orange Glazed Pork Chops, Stir Fried Yu Choy, Kung Pao Sweet Potatoes with Cashews (*mildly spicy)

Calories: 545  |  Fat: 20g  |  Carbs: 54g  |  Fiber: 6.5g  |  Protein: 42g  |  WW Points: 14  |   Ingredients

Chicken Fricassee with Sautéed Snap Peas and Sweet Onion, and Bowtie Pasta

Calories: 521 {361}  |  Fat: 10g  |  Carbs: 60g {28g}  |  Fiber: 6g {7.5g}  |  Protein: 45g {42g}  |  WW Points: 13 {9}  |   Ingredients